Terms and conditions of Ingmar Cramers

These terms are valid from the 15th of november 2016
(1) About these terms and conditions
These terms and conditions („Terms“) govern the selling of products by Ingmar Cramers („Ingmar Cramers“ or „we“) to you („you“ or „customer“). These Terms are valid for any contract or purchase, that is agreed on by the written confirmation (i.e. per mail, e-mail or fax) of an offer made by Ingmar Cramers which refers these Terms.
Following a request, these Terms are sent per e-mail (as an attachment) alongside an offer. Alternatively, they can be inspected at any time via
www.ingmarcramers.de/ terms-n-conditions.
Ingmar Cramers reserves the right to change these Terms at any time without prior notice. The version of the Terms that is valid for an order, is the version that was valid at the moment the offer was sent.

(2) Function of the website and an offer
The display of products on the website www.ingmarcramers.de is not a legally binding offer, but a non-binding presentation. The topicality, accurateness or completeness of the website and its contents can not be guaranteed. All product requests or orders, possibly resulting from visiting www.ingmarcramers.de, are replied to with an offer (send per e-mail). Please note that this offer (not the contents of the website) holds the binding data of the order.

(3) Ordering a product
Ordering a product at Ingmar Cramers is not about as-fast-as-possible, but rather about the calmness for a clear purchase decision, with personal guidance.
If you interested in buying one or more items Ingmar Cramers, the following steps describe the process of an order:
1. request
Please send us your request, per e-mail, telephone, or the short and clear order-form. Sending a request is not binding to a purchase.
2. receive an offer
We will take care of your request personally. Questions will be answered, and you will receive an offer via e-mail.
3. confirm offer
With your written confirmation of the offer (i.e. per e-mail), a binding purchase contract is agreed on. The product you ordered will be shipped or produced, and you will receive an invoice per e-mail.
4. payment / delivery
The payment and delivery of the order follows the details of the offer. This could be, for example, full payment in advance or an invoice with a 14 days goal of payment.

(4) Rights of return
We would like to invite you to take your time for any purchase decision. It increases the chances of ending up with a product you are actually happy with!
1. In the event you do want to return a product, you have the right to do so within 14 days. The beginning of this period is marked by the moment you receive the order from our logistical partner.
2. To claim your right of return, please textually inform us about your wish to do so (i.e. per e-mail). After this, you have 5 additional working days to hand over the order to a logistical service of your choice, addressed to the return-address below.
3. Your reason of return is highly appreciated as it is very important feedback for us – but it is in no form compulsory.
4. All returns are to be send to:
Ingmar Cramers
Produkt Design
Gartenstraße 15-17
Hinterhof 1.OG
D-14482 Potsdam
5. If we receive the product in an immaculate, unused, undamaged state, in its original, opened but furthermore undamaged packaging, you will receive a full refund of the product and the shipping to you.
6. If a product reaches you with damages due to transport, please inform us immediately. Returning the damaged product without informing us beforehand, results in the loss of your rights of return.
7. Ingmar Cramers does not refund the costs of return shipping. Damage or loss of an order, due to the return shipping, cancels your right of a refund.
8. In case an order is returned partially, Ingmar Cramers does only refund the specific part of the shipping costs that can be solely ascribed to the returned part of the order.
9. Any custom made products, designed or produced to custom details and clearly described as such on the invoice, can not be returned with a right of refund, and therefore are an exception to the rights of return as stated above. The guarantee of quality of custom made products, is not affected by this.

(5) Delivery period
1. The expected period of delivery of an order is stated on the offer and the invoice of an order. The delivery period includes an expected shipping time (as indicated by our shipping partner).
2. The delivery period is an estimation: products are often delivered sooner, but can also be delivered later. If an order has been handed over to our logistical partner, you will be informed per e-mail, usually including online parcel tracing.
3. Ingmar Cramers reserves the right, for in-stock products as well as products that are produced to order (custom products), to prolong the delivery period. The actual delivery time span may exceed the delivery time span indicated on the offer and the invoice, by a maximum of 50% (i.e. 6 weeks in stead of 4 weeks).
4. If the time span that is indicated on the offer and the invoice is exceeded by more than 50%, the order can, but must not, be textually cancelled by Ingmar Cramers or the customer (i.e. per E-Mail). A refund of the invoice total will follow, within 14 days.
5. Unexpected delay of the delivery that can be ascribed to the logistical partner or the recipient of the order, are not part of the determination of the actual delivery time span.
6. Ingmar Cramers can not be held accountable for any sort of damage (physical, material, immaterial or financial) caused by an order that has been cancelled or that has been delivered with a delay.

(6) Shipping costs
Orders within Germany are generally shipped for free. Shipping costs in Europe and World can vary widely. The specific shipping costs of an order will be stated on an offer.
Additional to the shipping costs, customs duties, import duties or taxes may apply to deliveries outside the EU. These are to be paid by the customer.
(7) Pricing
All prices displayed on the website www.ingmarcramers.de are under reserve. All prices are indicated in € (Euro), including German VAT (19%), excluding shipping costs. The definite price of a product and the total value of an order, will be stated on the offer you receive as the result of your request.

(8) Limitations of accuracy
All products by Ingmar Cramers, are produced to the highest possible level of quality and longevity. Craft production processes and natural materials can lead to variations in optical appearance and size, that are no reason for a return or cancellation of the order. The rights of return as defined by section (4) of these Terms are not affected by this.
Typically, but not exclusively, the following variations as well as limitations of accuracy of our products can be expected:
-Color: Both the website www.ingmarcramers.de, as well as printed material by Ingmar Cramers, try to display the realistic colors of products as accurately as possible. Please note that colors can strongly vary, depending on the computer display or the light source that is used, and Ingmar Cramers can not guarantee the accurateness of a color.
-Material: Natural materials, especially wood, can strongly vary in color, grain or overall appearance. Even wood deriving from one species of tree, can show strong optical variation.
-Crafts: tool traces, production traces or variations in size, shape or weight are typical to handcrafted products.

(9) Limitation of liability
The products offered on this website have been designed and produced with utmost care, to perform a specific function, as described in the general descriptions of a product (i.e. „teapot“, „dinner table“). The manual of a product explains the installation, the usage and the maintainance of a product in detail. If the product manual should not be present, or if its contents remain unclear or incomplete to you, please contact us.
Ingmar Cramers can not be held accountable for any sort of damage (i.e. physical, material, immaterial or financial damage) that is caused by product usage or handling that differs from the indicated function or that differs from the directions of the product manual.

(10) Guarantee
Ingmar Cramers is committed to guide the full lifecycle of a product, in form of advice, repair, replacement or recycling. This is either according to the standards set by warranty law, according to a product-specific warranty as defined by Ingmar Cramers, or according to our repair-service at a reasonable charge. If a product by Ingmar Cramers is defect, or should just not function to your expectations, please contact us.
(11) Copyright
All rights of trademarks, designs, texts and all other visual or tangible products of Ingmar Cramers are under copyright. Reproduction or imitation in any form is only allowed with the prior and written consent of Ingmar Cramers.

(12) Choice of law, jurisdiction
To the selling of products by Ingmar Cramers and the business relationships that derive from it, German law shall apply, but for the operation of mandatory provisions of law.
The jurisdiction for any conflicts of these business relationships, is Potsdam, Germany (the general place of jurisdiction of Ingmar Cramers), if the customer is a commercial party or a public law entity.
(13) Other
Should a provision of these terms and conditions of selling prove to be wholly or partly invalid, the parties to the contract shall jointly seek an arrangement having a legal and economic effect which will be as similar as possible to the invalid provision.
End of the terms and conditions of Ingmar Cramers.