lime tree bench

Lime tree bench


limetree bench


lime tree bench
one-off project, 2012
solid oak, granite
Brandenburg, Germany
This bench stands at the foot of an old, tall lime tree. The surrounding fields supplied 4 granite blocks, that where then dug in and positioned with millimeter precision. They serve as a base for the wooden seating, which stays protected from ground moisture. Even if the wood has to be replaced every 40 years or so, the granite base can stay for centuries.
And so, this design honors the specific location and the concept of time. It tries to make sense, of an old tree and its new bench.
On a project basis, Ingmar Cramers offers technical and conceptual product development and sculptural design, both for commercial and private clients. The value of a product as part of a whole, respecting the given context, is always in focus.
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