design thinking cardset

Cardset packaging


packaging, 2014
client: Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI)
paper, print, laser-cut, embossment, lamination
production: Druckerei Rüss
For a card set developed by the HPI, School of design thinking, Ingmar Cramers was assigned to design the packaging. The design follows the formal qualities of the cards: typographical elements, a color-system, and rounded corners. The matte lamination makes for a finish that is very pleasant to touch. This packaging seeks a balance; on one hand the calmness of the white outer shell, and a more communicative inner shell, that acts as an invitation to open the packaging and to use the cardset.
On a project basis, Ingmar Cramers offers technical and conceptual product development and sculptural design, both for commercial and private clients. The value of a product as part of a whole, respecting the given context, is always in focus.
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