coat rack, 2013
powdercoated steel
status: available
delivery time: 5 days
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€ 119,-
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Bitte warten …
Leaves is a coat rack that tries to be as close to daily life as possible. Its hooks will take your jacket or a bag, and its “leaves” will take all the rest: gloves, hat, scarf or sensitive textiles that don’t have a loop or don’t like to be hooked. Even a bike helmet, a newspaper or other things that stray around feel at home behind a “leaf”. A small household will do with one, with a few of them a colorful composition can be mounted on the wall. Lower ones for children, higher ones for adults.
Leaves is a graphical gesture on the wall, without dominating a space with its presence. Practically, because of its flatness, it fits in narrow corridors or smaller spaces. The available colors are selected to be combined in whatever way you prefer.
leaves is made of steel wire, a recyclable material
and completely produced in Germany
leaves is powdercoated, a solvent-free and durable solution
cnc-automation is used for wire-bending,
23 welding spots per coat rack are skillfully done by hand
leaves comes in 5 colors, numbered 1 to 5
all colors work monochrome, but also in combination
our favorites: 1-2, 1-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-2-5
for projects, custom colors are available
cover up some of the colors below,
to find your favorite combination…


01 light grey


02 warm grey


03 light green


04 blue


05 apricot