dinnertable 2013
solid wood + steel
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Bitte warten …
The sculptural shape of this table is designed as a focal point in daily life. It is a place to meet, to eat, to talk or to be quiet. During a dinner with friends, its rounded corners do not exclude anyone sitting at a ‚far end corner‘, but it (visually) includes everyone. With more guests than expected, the shape allows two seats at each head of the table, allowing for more seats in total. The slight variations of shape in every corner make it a sculpture you don’t grasp immediately but which will reveal itself over the years. Besides that, the shape is very friendly for children.
The material quality of Here is designed to last for generations – as long as it takes to grow a new tree, or longer. The top is carefully sanded and oiled, the result is an extremely smooth haptic. The legs come with a finely structured finish, that bare-feet might enjoy during summer.
Here is skillfully crafted in Brandenburg, Germany,
using responsibly forested wood
it is produced to custom dimensions and wood-type
the wood is treated with a natural oil product: non-toxic,
stain resistant, matte and with a very smooth haptic
powdercoated steel legs, matte, finely structured,
a durable, solvent free coating
this table is padded, for sensitive floors
sizes ranges from desk, dinner table to conference table
length: min. 155cm to max. 320cm
width: min. 90cm to max. 125
tabletop thickness: 27mm
table height: 74cm
the shape of each table is unique,
according to its size and wood-image.