01 / 20 green


02 / 20 ocher


03 / 20 dark brown


04 / 20 greyish blue


05/ 20 copper
not available


bowl, 2014
earth, pigment, fibre, oil, wax
27 x 25 x 4,5 cm
limited edition of 20, 7 pieces available
available through a studio visit only


No material condition is forever.
All matter is subject to an inevitable change. Objects, nature, our own body. Many products are not prepared for their upcoming transition. Even after having lost their function long ago, they reluctantly hold on to their appearance. How can an object hold a longterm functionality, yet, when the time has come, embrace its own transformation?
As a formal appearance to give this question an expression I have chosen a bowl. A series of 20 bowls, that offer a longterm function, yet being in full acceptance of their own temporality. Every bowl is unique, exploring color, structure or shine in a specific way. The series as a whole forms the vocabulary of the material.
This bowl is made of rammed earth. Pure earth, mixed with pigment and plant fibre. The material is not fired, but through pressure and repeated oiling and sanding, the surface is compressed. It becomes a functional surface, even with some water resistance. But, if it is exposed to outside conditions for a year or two, the material will slowly absorb moisture, gain volume and loosen its structure. The bowl will become earth again, as it once was. Only now, it is a bowl.
“now” is a limited edition of 20 pieces
every piece is a unique exploration of color, surface or treatment
all pieces are numbered and stamp-signed
all components are ecologically degradable / stable
“now” is intended for indoor use, it is food safe
and can be exposed to water for several hours
the production is an ongoing process from 2013
all bowls are handmade by Ingmar Cramers.